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Texas Shorts Volume 1

TEXAS SHORTS has finally been released!  

Get yours while supplies last!

Pamela has a short story entitled God's Glimpses that has been chosen to be included in the first Texas Shorts,.  


Special Author Event

Book Burning -- CANCELLED Until spring 2019


Author, Pamela Flynt Knight, recalled her latest book the same day it was release earlier this year. The proofing process failed to catch a catastrophic error that could have been detrimental to a man’s career. Therefore, it was an easy decision to do the recall. 

The book Why Are You Here?, is a unique look at PRC volunteers. These individuals have spent time volunteering throughout the 25 years the Center has ministered to the Grand Prairie community.

The steps that followed to insure correctness and the best possible book be released were not as easy. Pamela spent a couple of months after the recall to contact as many individuals in the book to review their write-up before making multiple rewrites and republishing. It also required re-acquiring all of the books sold prior to the recall. 

Now, with the original books in hard, she will be holding a book burning to ensure that the flawed copies are not distributed. There will be a book burning at Mt. Creek Park to destroy them. Although an unusual step, Pam feels it necessary to the assurance of those interviewed and included, and for the integrity of the book.  

 Her sixth book Why Are You Here?, was more than a two year project and all of the profits will be donated to the PRC of Grand Prairie.  

Date Time & Place

To be announced for the Spring