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Pamela Flynt Knight


 Pamela Flynt Knight is a native Texan. She has had the opportunity to live in a number of states and overseas, and to do a little traveling.  Pamela considers both her trials and her blessings as learning opportunities.  Sharing those is something she believes to be a responsibility for encouraging others to have the best life possible.    

Pamela's opportunities have included a college education that came in bits and pieces through her raising two sons.  She received a degree in Biblical Counseling which she considers helpful for ministering to others.  She also experienced being a Navy wife and adapting to different environments and people.   Pamela had a 28 year marriage before her divorce.  She has encountered many spiritual trials in her life, including the deaths of her parents and now the realities of growing older. 

Fortunately, she has two fine sons that she is proud they call her Mom.  She also has a Daughter-in-Law and Granddaughter that she loves spending time with.  


Multiple Endeavors

      Although writing is her main focus, Pamela Flynt Knight holds a notary certificate from the State of Texas. 


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Writing Roots

Pamela has been writing since her school days.  She writes through inspiration and it is in the quiet times when she finds the most inspiration.  Many of her poems came from quiet meditation and prayers.

Growing up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area she reconnected with a number of high school friends after several decades.  It was some of these very friends who encouraged her to write.  It was through the encouragement of friends that she was able to finish Living in the Fire after twenty years. This experience catapulted her into writing and igniting a new passion.      

Her books include poetry, spiritual encouragement, a humorous and a practical book about real estate, a local history book, and the unique look at the local Pregnancy Resource Center ministry.  

Plain, simple, and direct is the style that works best for Pamela. She says; “I’m a author, not a writer.” She considers fiction novelists, and those with a descriptive style as writers.  She holds a high admiration for those individuals. Wishing she were a better story teller does not distract her from writing to encourage others. Her hope is that others will not have to learn things the hard way.  


What's Ahead




Living in the Fire will undergo a rewrite to become a Bible Study.


New in 2019

Standing on the Promises will show how we can apply the words of this wonderful old hymn to our lives today.


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